We manufacture components of great aesthetic value with high-end finishes in a wide range of materials. Expertise in both internal and external components.

We are committed to doing a good job

We are aware of the importance of quality and safety in a sector as demanding as buses.

Following this objective, we manufacture both internal and external components in all types of materials, where we obtain aesthetic pieces with high-end finishes.

Internal components. Ergonomics and quality at the service of the user

We want to ensure the best experience and service both for our client and for the owners, drivers and passengers of the bus.

We work in the engineering and manufacturing of components such as central consoles, key-pads, steering wheel covers, joysticks, etc.

External components.. We ensure aesthetic value

We are experts in both stamping metal parts (stainless steel front, rear and side trims, aluminum wheel arches, etc.) and aesthetic components in a chrome finish (logos, images, etc.).