Machine vision, a field within artificial intelligence, capable of capturing, processing and analyzing images captured from the real world so as to process them automatically relative to different goals.

Ekide, has a diverse team of professionals working together with research centres to be able to develop customized machine vision systems applied to industry and integrated into the client´s production resources. We are an engineering company capable of carrying out a complete study to integrate this technology, valuing not only machine vision, but all the variables involved, like the client´s automation, software or installations.

With machine vision we can:

  • Automate repetitive inspection tasks without contact.
  • Increase the efficacy of quality controls.
  • Reduce times.
  • Guided by robots/handlers.


We develop renowned projects at both national and international levels in the Ekide artificial vision unit: HAZITEK (Basque Government R&D support), CDTI (Spanish Centre of Industrial Technology Development), SPRI (Basque Government Business Development Agency)…

Ekide also stands out for participating in leading projects in collaboration with the best universities and the most recognized technology centres. In order to address these projects, the Ekide artificial vision team is composed of qualified and multidisciplinary technical experts, with the following professionals in these areas standing out:

  • Computer Engineers
  • Telecommunication Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Electro-mechanical designers
  • Electro-mechanical techniques
  • Doctoral candidate Mondragón Unibertsitatea
  • Doctor/Professor at Mondragón Unibertsitatea


  • mecalbe precision metal parts
  • Maier
  • Jovi
  • Ulma handling systems
  • GKN Driveline
  • Alcorta forging group