Complete systems supplier

We define ourselves as a comprehensive supplier of complete systems, providing innovative solutions in design and manufacturing processes. Starting from the client’s specifications, we co-develop products together, with a vision set on the manufacturing processes. We take responsibility for all phases, from engineering and manufacturing, to delivery to the customer. We provide you with complete solutions from a single source.

We are experts in the design and manufacture of high-added-value assemblies, integrating components in multiple materials through a wide range of advanced production processes.

Design and engineering

Engineering linked to design and concept, such as industrialization and manufacturing



Full-scale models for aesthetic, functional and ergonomic validation of the product



Multi-material processes for the manufacture of high-added-value assemblies


Experience and leadership in multiple sectors

The high qualification of the Technical Office in different manufacturing processes allows us to adapt to the demands of such demanding sectors as the railway, automotive, campering, electromedicine and bus sector.

Our curiosity for exploring new possibilities allows us to be aware of new emerging sectors such as energy vectors, mobility, etc.

Knowing in detail the projects we carry out for each sector:

We have a clear objective: exceed the expectations of our customers. That is why we are involved in each project to obtain the best solution until we achieve success.

Our key: a committed team and a
strong network of trusted partners

At each site, we have a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers with extensive knowledge and experience from product and process design to logistics. We update ourselves every day to be aware of manufacturing trends and have specific knowledge of the sectors in which we work.

In addition, we have created a solid network of trusted technological and productive partners. Each one is an expert in a specific and strategically located process, which allows us to combine capabilities to become a solid partner for product development companies.

Our hallmark: a special
processes department

We have a SPECIAL PROCESSES department, which guarantees compliance with all the standards of our certificates, from the offer process, through the definition of the project, to its production and control.

Welding, painting, crimping, gluing and torque processes guided by qualified specialists:

RAMS/LCC Engineers

International welding engineer (IWE) (EN 15085)

European Adhesive Bonder (EAB) (DIN 6701)

Coating Applicator (ASTM D4228)